Three Bikers'School or nothing in 2019!


To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Bikers'Days, DG Sport decided to pay tribute to the track school. Riding is not that easy and the goal is to innovate by proposing new formulas to allow you to progress at your own pace while respecting your own level.

That’s why new coaching formulas are at your disposal on the legendary tobogan of Spa, but also on several European circuits. The opportunity to progress in a relaxed atmosphere while getting to know new tracks.  

Three distinct formulas are therefore available:

1 Bikers’School

This formula remained unchanged from previous years. The Bikers'School is more like a school of the Francorchamps circuit than a real drivers school, even if this last aspect is not neglected. The day is composed of 5 sessions interspersed with various workshops that allow you to better understand the 7 kilometres of the track. It is an ideal formula to discover the "most beautiful circuit of the world". Only 1 available date: Monday, July 8th!

2 Bikers’Coaching

This formula is clearly aimed at the track rider who wants to progress. The Bikers'Coaching is a real driving course that includes 5 sessions, 2 of which are filmed for each rider. Technical and practical workshops are organized, as well as an introduction to suspension settings. Each instructor will be in charge of maximum 4 riders to ensure an optimal follow-up.

3 Smart Coaching

You want advice but don't want to participate in a full day of training? Are you having trouble on a specific part of the circuit or with a particular part of the riding ? Smart Coaching is here to support you for two consecutive sessions. One Smart Coaching will be organized in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Each instructor is in charge of maximum 4 riders to ensure an optimal follow-up.

Further information, workshop details and prices available at: