Spa-Francorchamps experience

The main objective of this training course is to get to know Spa-Francorchamps better with the secondary aim of improving your riding technique.

The training course is not only for riders new to tracks but also to experienced riders.

Everyone will follow a set program in their natural language containing the following points:

  •     General briefing
  •     2 theory sessions and 2 track sessions
  •     Lunch
  •     2 theory sessions and 3 track sessions
  •     Debriefing

The theory sessions will consist of a video presentation of a lap of Spa- Francorchamps, a lap of the whole track in a shuttle bus, a session on rider technique, and a section on the ideal line in each bend by section.

For the first session on track you are to follow the instructor in order to learn the track. Then, under the supervision of instructors, you will be able to lap at your own pace.

The day begins at 08.45 and finishes around 18.00.

Participants are divided into groups of a maximum of 8 per instructor: these groups are formed on the basis of experience (beginner, intermediate, expert). As always, the more you ask the more you will learn.
Full day, training, drinks and lunch included.

Also see pages "Calendar" and "Booking".