Is there anything special we ought to know about riding on a circuit?
There is no particular knowledge required: only the meaning of flags and lights.

Are riders distributed in the various runs according to their riding level?
Yes, as long as we know what your level is. We’d like to put amateurs, experienced riders and professional riders in different groups.

Does everybody get a personal instructor?
Not really, there is one instructor who will attend on a group of 8 riders all day long - before, during and after the runs.
This way, we guarantee a personalised training

Can I book for the BIKERS' SCHOOL and the free runs on the same day?
That's impossible for the same day. Each participant rides as long on the track as the participants of the open runs. While the latter have time between each run, the BIKERS' SCHOOL has a full day.

Does the motorcycle have to be properly insured or registered?
No. Insurance is not compulsory.

Is there a decibel limit?
That depends on the dates and tracks. Regarding this subject, you can find all further information on our website.

Can the original equipment of the motorcycle be modified?
Yes, slick tyres or other racing modifications are authorized. Open exhaust are forbidden.

Where can I buy a tire?
There is a tire service in the paddock (Sale, assembly and balancing).

Can we ride 2 motorcycles?
Yes, you’ll be given two same motorcycle numbers. Please inform us precisely by e-mail (info@bikersdays.com) of by fax +32 (0) 87 53 90 01. Of course you must not change motorcycles during one particular run. Controls will be strictly carried out to avoid any misuse.

What will happen in case of accident?
The organizer declines any responsibilities in case of accident between the participants.
You will have to find a compromise between participants. For further information, contact your insurer.

What will happen in case of terrible weather conditions?
The event will take place unless cancellation of the event by the organizer due to exceptional conditions.
You must make up your own minds whether to take part or not (no refund).

What about catering?
Between the runs, some fresh drinks will be at your disposal. At noon, you will receive a lunch.
Alcohol consumption is forbidden for all participants !

Do we have to pay to get in?
No, free entrance for paddock and general entry.

Which documents do we have to take?
Your identity card (or your driving license), the letter of confirmation and proof of payment (if paid by bank transfer) are mandatory. We also advise you to take your entry form.

I’ve applied and paid but unfortunately, I cannot come. Can I get a refund?
No amount will be refunded. With agreement of the organiser, Someone else can eventually take your place.

Is there a photographer on the events?
Yes, a photographer is present during each event. Pictures will be shown and can be bought from the website http://www.bikerspix.be/

Do Motoclubs (official or not) get any special discount on fees?
No, everybody has to pay the full price when applying. But you can contact us to talk about other advantages we might be wanting to grant you.