Booking, liability, cancellation

  1.     All applicants must be 18 or older (If younger, please contact us)
  2.     Fully complete the online entry form
  3.     All monies to be paid into our account exclusively in Euros by bank transfer or with a credit card number (secured online payments)
  4.     The payment for your participation must be sent within 2 weeks following your online booking otherwise your place will be cancelled. If there is no proof op payment within 15 days of your booking, your reservation will automatically be cancelled.
  5.     An entry is valid for 1 person and not for 1 bike; each person who wishes to take part must pay the full amount

When these conditions have been met, you will be registered to the BIKERS’ School, receiving a confirmation by e-mail. You will receive your final information by post 2 weeks before the booked event.

In case you cancel yourself

  •     up until 30 days before the event, the amount of your enrolment will be refunded to you less 10% of expenses.
  •     between 30 and 15 days before the event, 50% of the amount of the enrolment will be repaid
  •     less than 15 days before the event, NO repayment.

The Bikers ' School reserves the right to cancel any event following any major incident 20 days before the anticipated date.

In the rare case where, for a reason beyond our control (bad weather, a major track incident etc) should one or more of the sessions or the whole event be cancelled, the participants can undertake not to action for any indemnity or repayment from the promoter.