BIke and equipment

The motorcycle

  •     You have to ride your proper motorcycle
  •     Only models later then 1985 are allowed, and only roadsters or sports motorcycle
  •     the bike does not need to be immatriculated
  •     Removal of mirrors is compulsory
  •     Cover the lights with tape (to avoid broken glass)
  •     Tyres and brakes need to be in good order
  •     Slick tyres are authorized, unless specifically forbidden for the event.
  •     Exhausts: depending on the imposed sound level checks by event

The riding gear

  •     The riding gear of any rider consists of a padded leather suit (one-piece or two-piece zipped around the waist) , a full integral helmet, leather boots and gloves.
  •     A back protector is strongly advised.
  •     All other clothes in textile, even with extra protective reinforcements will not provide you with sufficient protection in case of a crash and will be refused automatically.